SKYWAY…more than a studio


The entertainment landscape is ever changing and Skyway Studios is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our constantly evolving industry. Sitting on more than 16 acres with over 125,000 square feet of high-quality studio space, Skyway Studios can handle your production and broadcast needs, from soup to nuts, and all under one roof.

Skyway Studios is uniquely equipped to meet the production needs of big-budget films, TV series, music videos, news, and satellite tours, as well as live and streamed corporate events.


Centrally located, Nashville is only a short flight away from the Midwest or either coast. The local pool of experienced talent means world-class crews are available for any size production. The premier production facility at Skyway Studios means you can dream, produce, transmit, and chill, all in one dynamic, conveniently located creative community.


With four large studios, each with over 4,300 square feet, two additional large studios that can be paired to form one 8,000 square foot combo studio, and three insert studios ranging from 640 to 240 square feet, Skyway Studios can be utilized for everything from film productions to small news broadcasts. The limitless flexibility of Skyway’s studio space offers options for every broadcasting need.

Lights, Camera, Action . . . we have it all at Skyway Studios.


As middle Tennessee’s only C-Band and Ku-Band satellite uplink facility, Skyway Studios is in the unique position of offering content playout for both full-time and occasional services with both domestic and international distribution with transmission by satellite, dedicated fiber, over the Internet or in any combination.

Skyway Studios offers a wide range of broadcast disaster recovery services that include backup satellite and fiber transmission, content acquisition, storage and play-out as well as studio production.


Skyway Studios is the southeast’s largest, full service, comprehensive broadcast production provider.  We offer full turn-key support for network broadcasters, cable outlets, independent producers, and advertising agencies…along with the music and entertainment industry.